Q. I posted a store a long time ago and now it has shut down. How do I edit/delete a store?

Ans. You can edit or delete a store through the website. Visit the Add & Edit section and login using the username and password that you set when you first added a store, then navigate through the options to find all your past entires. Click the store to start editing, if you wish to delete the entry, simply find the Delete option at the bottom of the edit screen.


Q. What does Delocate mean?

Ans. Delocate is a semantic play on the online store locator function which appears on many retail chain websites. Instead of using the online store locator (for instance on the Starbucks website), you can use the Delocator to find and support independent businesses.


Q. When will this be available in my country?

Ans. Delocator.net is maintained by just one person (me) and I am not a programmer. I can't imagine trying to maintain a site that serves more than one country. But... The web code is available on the Get the Code page. You will have to be web savvy in order to download the code and create your own Delocator, but it's not too difficult. I would love to see the project spread virally to other countries. Checkout Delocator.ca and Delocator.co.uk for Delocator sites in Canada and Britain.


Q. Why does Delocator.net list the addresses of Starbucks and other chain stores?

Ans. Web users are free to make their own decisions about where they purchase a cup of coffee. By placing the sheer amount of chain stores next to the (typically shorter) list of locally owned shops, the website attempts to persuade viewers to support local industries.


Q. ...But couldn't somebody use this site to find a Starbucks?

Ans: Sure, but wouldn't they just go to Starbucks.com if that was what they wanted?